Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS Black
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS
Dynamo Glow - HOW DO I BUY THIS

Dynamo Glow

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  • POWERFUL KEYCHAIN LIGHTIntroducing the upgraded Dynamo Glow, the dual OSRAM P8 LEDs give off an impressive 500 lumen output. Perfect for daily use for a far-reaching and uniform beam that reaches up to 97 yards. For how powerful the light is, experts managed to keep it small and lightweight. Weighing less than 1oz and smaller than a car key, Dynamo Glow is the perfect edc light on a keychain.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE WITH LED DISPLAYFeaturing an addition of an OLED display, this screen shows real-time information like brightness level, mode, lumen, battery voltage, and remaining runtime. The display takes out the guessing game of knowing when your battery needs to charge. When it's time to charge, the Dynamo Glow is no slouch with rapid USB-C charging. The D Glow is a must-have EDC flashlight on a keychain.
  • IDEAL EDC FLASHLIGHT: The Dynamo Glow is packed with features that make it ideal for everyday carry. Its dual switch design allows you to easily power on and off or adjust the brightness level. Hold the mode button to directly access the turbo mode or hold the power button for the ultralow. It further prevents accidental activation with a half lockout mode or full lockout mode. To meet different usages, the light comes with two user modes: the demo mode is designed for short-bursts of illumination while the daily mode is optimized for longer sustained illumination. With all of the new features and upgrades, the D Glow is a great addition to any EDC collection.


Weight: 18.8 g / 0.66 oz
Wattage: 7 W
Waterproof: Yes
Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
Size: 46.6 mm Length * 12.5 mm Head
Run Time: 15 min - 60 h
Lighting Distance: 50-100 m
Light Source: 2*OSRAM P8 LEDs
Item Type: Flashlights