Guitar Luminous Pick
Guitar Luminous Pick
Guitar Luminous Pick
Guitar Luminous Pick

Guitar Luminous Pick

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1.Dynamic LED Performance: Elevate your musical experience with our glowing guitar picks. These picks feature high-sensitivity LED lights that light up upon contact, providing a dynamic visual display that enhances your playing.
2.Durable Food-Grade Material: Crafted from food-grade plastic, our electric guitar picks offer exceptional durability and longevity. The material possesses high tensile and compressive strength, ensuring it can withstand the demands of regular use without compromising quality.
3.Comfortable Grip and Anti-Slip Design: Enjoy optimal playability with our guitar touch luminous picks' anti-slip surface design and super comfortable handle. The ergonomic design provides a secure grip, minimizing the chances of them slipping during intense playing sessions.
4.Harmonic Excellence: With their meticulously designed contact points, our musical instrument glowing plectrum produce smooth and seamless interaction with the strings, resulting in beautiful and resonant tones. Experience a full and rich sound that brings out the best in your instrument.
5.High-Quality and Long-lasting: Our stringed instrument plectrum exhibit excellent flexibility and high tensile and compressive strength. This exceptional resilience ensures they maintain their shape and durability even after extended use. They are built to last, offering you a reliable and long-lasting tool for your musical journey.

Type: Pick
Material: Food Grade Plastic
Size: About 3.5cm/1.38in* 4cm/1.57in*0.06cm/0.024in
Battery Type: Button Cell CR1616 (Replaceable Battery)
Light Power Consumption: 9mw
Light Color: White Light, Green Light, Pink Light
Working Principle: Contact Light
Continuous Use Time: About 120h (Different Brands Of Batteries, The Duration Will Vary)