Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon
Oil Filter Spoon

Oil Filter Spoon

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1.Grease trap design , quick and easy to separate fat oil and soup .
2.Hang hole design , help you save the kitchen space.
3.Embossed printing on the handle, fashion and beautiful .
4.Made of high quality PP ,100% BPA-free, no odor, non-toxic.

Oil separation principle:
Oil and water are incompatible, and the density of oil is less than water. Therefore,
the oil floats on the surface of the soup, and the position of the outlet hole is at the
bottom of the spoon. When pouring, the clear soup first flows out from the bottom of
the small hole, and the oil is separated on the upper layer , so as to achieve the effect
of oil-water separation.

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