Smart Newborn Baby Bottle - HOW DO I BUY THIS 150mL 240mL PPSU
Smart Newborn Baby Bottle - HOW DO I BUY THIS 150mL 240mL PPSU 1

Smart Newborn Baby Bottle

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  • State-of-the-Art Smart Thermostat: Experience next-level baby bottle convenience with the Smart Thermostat Newborn Baby Bottle. The integrated smart thermostat ensures precision temperature control, providing the perfect warmth for your baby's milk without any guesswork.

  • High-Quality PPSU Material: Crafted from premium PPSU material, this baby bottle is both durable and safe. The combination set includes bottles with capacities of 150ml and 240ml, catering to your baby's varying feeding needs as they grow.

  • Sealed Isolation Technology: The innovative sealed isolation technology preserves the temperature of the milk, keeping it at the desired warmth for an extended period. This feature is especially beneficial for on-the-go parents, ensuring a ready-to-feed bottle whenever your baby needs it.

  • Fast Milk Filling: Designed for efficiency, the Smart Thermostat Baby Bottle facilitates fast milk filling. Say goodbye to long waiting times – enjoy quick and hassle-free bottle preparation to meet the demands of a hungry newborn.

  • Removable and Washable: Keep your baby's feeding essentials hygienic with the removable and washable design of this baby bottle. The components can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning, promoting a clean and safe feeding environment for your precious little one.