Heated Car Seat Cushion
Heated Car Seat Cushion
Heated Car Seat Cushion
Heated Car Seat Cushion
Heated Car Seat Cushion
Heated Car Seat Cushion

Heated Car Seat Cushion

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Color: Flannel: Black, Brown, Red
Cloth: Black, Brown, Orange
Weight: 430g
Material: Flannel/Cloth
Size: Show in the picture
Voltage: Used with 12V voltage
Three Modes Available:
Mode I: 13W
Mode II: 20W
Mode III: 25W

【30 Seconds Heating Up】

* When press with the button, it will open with the "Ⅲ" mode , to let you will feel warm within 30 seconds.
* Use this heated cushion in your vehicle to enjoy a more relaxing drive during the cold winter weathers.

⏱【 Intelliengt Temperature Control】

* When turn on the seat cover, it will automatically turn to the highest modes, then after 10 mins, it will turn to the middle mode.
* If want to turn to the highest mode, please press the botton, but this time it will not turn to the middle mode unless press it yourself.
* If forget to turn off the switch, the default timer is 50 minutes, which is safe to use.

☰ 【Nickel Base Alloy Heating Wire】

* Adopted by imported nickel-based heating wire
* Fast heating, uniform heating, durable folding and high temperature resistance.

⛨【Voltage Protection Device】

* Equipped with the protection for the voltage.
* When the voltage is too low, the product will stop working itself.

⛨ 【Safety For Driving】

When you have accident on the way, the airbag cannot come out if using the full seat cover will have the risk . But if using ours, it will not have this kind of risk, the airbag can come out normally.

☀【Super Soft Flannel Material】

* Durable flannel material bring much soft and warm.
* Easy to clean and care

Color Choice:

Material: Cloth

Material: Flannel