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AirClear Ash
AirClear Ash
AirClear Ash
AirClear Ash
AirClear Ash
AirClear Ash
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AirClear Ash

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Multifunctional Ashtray with Air Purifier Function for Filtering Second-Hand Smoke From Cigarettes Remove Odor Smoking Accessories

This ashtray has an air purification function. It uses a hard flame-retardant material and has three colors.

The purifier ashtray adopts natural aspiration. It has large suction power and 360° wide-angle exhaust air .

Built-in replaceable negative ion filter cotton, which absorbs tar and releases negative ions, and exhausts air from the bottom side. Effectively filter harmful substances and reduce second-hand smoke.

It requires two 1.5V AA batteries, no cables, and eliminates the trouble of regular charging.

The noise is low, and there is a timer shutdown function (timeable for 5.2 minutes), so there is no need to worry about wasting power.

It has a built-in aroma diffuser, which can be placed inside, which is both an ashtray and an aroma diffuser.

The entire ashtray adopts a separate design, which can be removed and washed at any time.



Material: flame-retardant nylon, glass fiber

Color: green, blue, gray

Rated voltage: 3 V

Power supply mode: 2 * AA batteries (not included)

Working hours: the new battery can support it to work about 40 times

Usage: Press the switch to start, the machine will automatically shut down after 5.2 minutes of operation.

Replace the battery:

Take out the filter screen and support plate to replace the battery.

Installation of aromatherapy sheet:

Take out the filter screen and support plate, and install the aromatherapy sheet in the specified position.