Toilet bidet sprayer
Toilet bidet sprayer
Toilet bidet sprayer
Toilet bidet sprayer
Toilet bidet sprayer
Toilet bidet sprayer

Toilet bidet sprayer

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1. The angle valve is made of brass + metal, which can effectively prevent rust, breakage and water leakage.

2. Adjustable Pressure: The body cleaning basin spray kit controls the water pressure through the pressure lever to meet multiple uses.

3. Double switch water outlets can discharge water at the same time without affecting each other.

4. Universal G1/2 interface, can be connected to G1/2 interface hose

5. Easy to install and use.

6. There are two modes to choose from: soft spray and spray mode, which can meet the different needs of your children, pets and families.

7. Wide range of applications: The handheld spray kit is also suitable for baby diaper spray, pet shower, flower spray, toilet spray, washing machine, floor cleaning, etc.


Main materials of double control angle valve: metal + brass
Spray gun material: ABS
Hoses material: ABS
Thread interface: G1/2
Installation type: wall-mounted
Faucet opening: single hole