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Introducing WiseWear, the revolutionary solution for patients who have trouble taking care of themselves due to fractures, paralysis, urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, confusion, and other conditions.

3 Modes:
Female Type (Women Type): For women
Male Type ( Men Normal Type): Men's genital length is longer than 3 cm.
Elderly Men Type (Men Atrophy Type): Length of men's genital is less than 3cm, genital and scrotum can be placed into the urinal together

Made by high quality Silicone Gel, more soft and more comfortable. No stimulate and allergy to skin. Prevent side leakage, antibacterial and resistance to aging.
100% Cotton Panties made by double-sided breathable fabric
Suitable for old and sick, fractures, paralysis, urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, unclear theosophy,  can not take care of themselves and other patients.

Product Information:
Products: Urine is connected fixed with a the urine bag made of plastic, plastic catheter, latex catheter bags, Flexible
Use objects: for urinary incontinence, stroke, hemiplegia. Disability, postoperative rehabilitation, ambulatory or dependent and other groups use
Style Category: male and female models

How to use:

1. Please open the urine bag with water or air to prevent the bag adhere together. If the catheter is flatten please seal it off use warm water.
2. Tie the waistband on the waist and attach the triangular cloth to the belly. Then place the urethra in the urinal funnel.
3. Please connect the two long strip of the triangular cloth to the waistband. Switch the exhaust on the urine bag and hang the urine bag on the bedside, then connect the catheter to the urine bag.

1. Patients with urinary retention is forbidden to use.
2. When the catheter and the urine is separated, please hold the connect pipe of the urine tightly.
3. The catheter can not pass through your legs when using.

1 X WiseWear
2 X Urine bag (1000 ml)
1 X Catheter (about 95 cm)

Don't let your condition keep you from living your life to the fullest. Get your WiseWear now and experience the freedom and independence you deserve. Try it today and discover why WiseWear is the top choice for those seeking a comfortable, effective, and reliable urinary collector bag.