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2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

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Note: Please charge this item with a 30w fast charger, the charging speed will be quicker and more suitable.

Baseus MagPro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Another Level of Efficiency

Five Features

1.Magnetic Wireless Charging
Smartphone/Earbuds Simultaneous Charging
2. 15W Max. Fast Charging
15w fast charging for iphone
3.Hidden Design
Adjustable 0-60° Viewing Angle
4. Retractable Power Cable
For Power Input
5.Side USB-C Output
For Apple Watch Wireless Charging

Dual-wireless charging panel for smartphone and earbuds simultaneous charging.

15W Max. Fast Charging

Output upgrade for a brand-new fast charging experience with higher charging efficiencies and less charging time.

*It only supports wireless charging for Apple phones with wireless charging capabilities.

Charging,More Convenient than Ever

*Minimalistic desk setup
*Charging on the Go
*Compact and organized

Grab and Go

Fits inside your palm.A compact, all-in-one wireless charger for your next trip.

A Concealed Retractable Cable

No extra cable is needed; simply pull out the USB-C power cable to power up the wireless charger.

Freedom of Movement

The wireless charging panel has a 0-60°vertical adjustment, and the cellphone has a 360° rotational adjustment.

Independent Intelligent Chip

The intelligent chip allows for low-temperature charging during simultaneous charging.

Built-in USB-C Output

Built-in USB-C Output
Side-mounted USB-C output for Apple smartwatch wireless chargers.
**Smartwatch Wireless charger not included

9+ Safety Protection

More Details

indicator light 1
(Cellphone wireless charging indicator)
indicator light 2
(Earbuds wireless charging indicator)

Normal: solid
Malfunction: flashing

Nano adhesive pad:(Firmly stick to a surface)
Friction pad:(Offering more traction)