Anti-motion Sickness Glasses
Anti-motion Sickness Glasses
Anti-motion Sickness Glasses
Anti-motion Sickness Glasses
Anti-motion Sickness Glasses
Anti-motion Sickness Glasses

Anti-motion Sickness Glasses

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1.Physics Technology: Motion sickness glasses have no lenses, but with liquid glasses ring. The level of the liquid in the circle changes according to the movement of the vehicle and creates an artificial horizon in the user's field of vision, which resynchronizes the eye with the balance system. No drugs, no side effects. Simple, safe and natural physics technology that works well.
2.Material: Anti-nausea glasses are made of plastic material, which is Soft-touch & high-performing. It have strong arbitrary and antioxidant capabilities, can be used for a long time, foldable, removable, small size, ultra-lightweight, travel can be carried around.
3.How to use: If you are dizzy when traveling in car, plane or sea, please stare at stationary/stationary items such as books or mobile phones, then wear these glasses for 10-14 minutes. It will relieve your discomfort and restore you to good shape, and the effect will last. What's more, you can choose to take it off when you don't feel dizzy.
4.Application: Car sickness glasses can be used by car or boat, horseback riding, boating, playing high-altitude spin games, flying, playing games, wearable video games. Effectively prevent seasickness, motion sickness, airplane sickness and any other travel sickness.With nose pad which ensures that glasses will not easily fall off and are comfortable for all head sizes and shapes.
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Gender: Unisex
Pattern Type: Solid
Material: Plastic frame
Size: About 155x60x26mm/6.10x2.36x1.02inch