Low Temperature Easy Melt Welding Rods - HOW DO I BUY THIS 6PCS

Low Temperature Easy Melt Welding Rods

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1. Multi-function
You can use it to work on stainless steel. It can also be used for the repair of argon and filling material of pure aluminum, the connection of aluminum sleeve and guide rod with electrolytic aluminum plant, as well as electric power, chemical, food, etc.
2. Easy to use
With aluminum alloy as the core and coating as the salt base, there is no need to use other flux powders. The powder-filled aluminum welding rod can be repaired quickly with a lighter.

Instructions for use
1. Be sure to polish the welded parts clean and flat before use.
2. Just dissolve the drop on, must be fixed, it is recommended to fix for about 5 minutes, and wait for the welding wire cool resting half an hour.
Tips: The material is relatively brittle, and the if goods received are broken, that is normal.

Material: Copper and aluminum
Size: Approximately 9 * 70mm
Quantity: 6 pcs