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Max Juice Squeezer

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  • [Get Every Last Drop from Fruit] Adapting a unique hinge mechanism and leverage, our lemon squeezer can squash the lemon flat completely from the sides and extract the most juice in no time. The strainer at the bottom not only picks up the pulp and seeds, but also directs the juice flow into your glass or bowl. Along with the inner non-slip ridges that hold the lemon in place, this lemon press squeezer efficiently reduces the splashes and messes, further preventing juice wasting.

  • [Effortlessly Squeezing with Ergonomic Design] Benefiting from the clever ergonomic design, the manual lime juicer makes squeezing juice a breeze. It provides more leverage and requires less effort with its two-handed sideways pivot when compared to other hand juicers. This design utilizes the strength from the arm's muscles rather than the hands, which greatly saves you energy. Even kids or the elderly who have sensitive wrists and hands can handle it without getting tired or sore.

  • [Food-Grade ABS Material Built to Last] Unlike cheap flimsy plastic juicers that are prone to break when squeezing, our flat lemon juicer is made of premium food-grade material ABS, which is more sturdy and durable. Each part of the juicer is reinforced with stainless steel rods and will remain compact even after long-term use. It is an even more reliable juicing tool that can be trusted for years to come than the metal lemon lime squeezers whose coating easily get peeled off over time.

  • [Clean in Seconds & Dishwasher-Safe] Due to the Integrated structure, the citrus juicer is convenient to clean because you don't have to clean as many parts as other juicers. You can simply rinse it with running water by hand or put it in the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean-up since the material is dishwasher-safe. Storage is also easy--just place the lime press in the cutlery drawer or in a dry place and when done, no residual moisture will be left in the juicer.

  • [Handy Squeezer That Fits for Most Fruits] Our manual juicer is not only suitable for lemons, but also for limes, citrus, oranges and even grapes. This is a good option for those who want to enjoy fresh citrus juice without the hassle. Simply place the lemon half inside the cup and you can yield healthy lemonade at once and add a tangy flavor to your diet. There is no need to drag out the bulky electric squeezer machine or laboriously spinning and squeezing through the juice reamer.



1. Effortless Squeezing with Ergonomic Handles

Our manual lemon squeezer makes the juicing easier and more efficient with the lateral pivot, which provides additional leverage and reduces the effort required to extract the most juice from the fruit. The ergonomic handle is also designed to be comfortable to hold, even for children or those with weak or arthritic hands.

2. Unique Construction Built to Last

Crafted from premium material-ABS and is reinforced with a hinge mechanism and stainless steel rivet joints, our citrus press has a more sturdy and durable structure to withstand the pressure of squeezing. As a result, it can be utilized multiple times or over extended periods without being prone to loosening and breaking.

3. Seeds Filter & No Juice Splattering

Our juice squeezer is designed to provide the utmost convenience and allow you to enjoy a refreshing glass of fresh juice. The built-in strainer makes it effortless to filter out any undesired seeds or pulp, ensuring that you get a perfectly smooth glass of juice every time. Meanwhile, with the inner anti-slip ridges, the fruit stays in place without any messy splashing around.





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