Remote Control Cockroach
Remote Control Cockroach
Remote Control Cockroach
Remote Control Cockroach
Remote Control Cockroach
Remote Control Cockroach

Remote Control Cockroach

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- Simulated remote control cockroach appearance design, realistic and interesting.

- Light eye design increases visual effect.

- Front and back right turn function, providing flexible control experience.

- Automatic demonstration function: Press the forward and back keys for 3 seconds to enter the automatic demonstration mode, and press the back key for 3 seconds to exit the demonstration mode.


1. Please read the instructions before use: Before operation, please carefully read and understand the product's user guide to ensure correct operation and safe use.

2. Use in open environment: In order to better control tamagotchi toys, it is recommended to use them in open and flat indoor areas to avoid obstacles causing operation difficulties or damage.

3. Avoid water and wet environment: Remote control cockroach Tamagotchi toys are usually not resistant to water, so please avoid placing them in water or using them in a wet environment to avoid failure or damage.

4. Beware of excessive collision: Although the Tamagotchi toy design has anti-fall performance, please try to avoid excessive collision or fall to maintain the normal operation and life of the product.

5. Keep away from fire and high temperature environment: Keep Tamagotchi toys away from open flame, high temperature electrical appliances and other heat sources to prevent fire or burns.

6. Age appropriate use: Please ensure the safety and suitability of toys according to the applicable age range marked on the product.

7. Battery safety: If the Tamagotchi toy requires battery power, please install the battery correctly and avoid backloading or mixing different types of batteries. When not in use, remove the battery in time to prevent battery leakage and damage.

8. Pay attention to maintenance and cleaning: regularly check whether the connection part of the tamagotchi toy, the battery compartment, etc., is loose or damaged, and timely maintenance and repair. Clean with a soft cloth and avoid using chemical solvents.

9. Child supervision: During the use process, especially for younger children, please ensure that there is adult supervision to ensure that they correctly understand and use the product to avoid accidental injury.

According to the specific product purchased, combined with the manufacturer's instructions and warning labels, follow the above precautions to ensure the safe use of infrared remote control cockroach Tamagotchi toys.