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Self Watering Planter

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Material: PET, PVC
Size: 10*18CM
Bag Volume: 350ML


Automatic watering system:

The plant support drip can be applied for about 1-7 days; It depends on the type of water-absorbing plants, soil composition, and humidity; Stable with dripping water

Good texture:

Our self automatic watering system is made of plastic material, sturdy and durable, automatic watering device can help you water on time every day, making plants healthier and longer lasting, making your life easier, and a good helper for watering plants during holidays;

Solve the problem of taking care of plants during your daily work and traveling

Intelligent saving:

Intelligent operation, in line with the growth law of plants, saving water, 70% less water than traditional sprinklers and drip irrigation heads, making your drip irrigation system very suitable for saving water under drought conditions and creating a more beautiful landscape

Easy to operate:

Easily make a DIY automatic watering system; Start working immediately without waiting; It is not easy to break, or it is difficult to refill, remove the tip and make a mess, or it is easily clogged by dirt

Package included:
1 x Self Watering Planter